Weekend Edition (week 40)

At some point you have to admit that the masses are incredibly fucking stupid, and if you’re pandering to them you’ll find that they’ll change you and not the other way round. They’ll dominate you just by sheer numbers and you’ll end up bleating along with the flock. I’m quite happy to know that 90% of the people out there listen to shit because to be a diamond in a mud-pile, first you need a mud-pile.

John Lydon

  • Looking back at the Linn Drum: ’81 review by Warren Cann of Ultravox.
  • First look inside the untouched museum: Paisley Park.
  • I stumbled upon this video of Wes Montgomery with Dutch musicians Pim and Ruud Jacobs and drummer Han Bennink:

  • Han uses a Royal drumkit, made in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. More info about Royal: check this!
  • He’s amazing. Lately Han committed himself to using a very minimal drumkit, often using nothing more than a snaredrum:

Have a nice weekend!

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