A Portrait [disquiet0177-netlabel-portrait]

The track A Portrait [disquiet0177-netlabel-portrait] I made for Disquiet Junto, an international group of sound artists. The mission of this week:

Use samples of recent Dark Winter Records releases to produce a sonic image of the label.

Disquiet Junto Project 0177: Netlabel Portrait

The samples of the Dark Winter Records label I have time stretched a bit. I also use them as a source for impulse responses in convolution reverbs.

With Ambient music you must be careful by not using too much lower mids which can make laptops, iPads or other simple speakers to resonate in an irritating way. You should also be beware of not creating peak frequencies with too much resonance.

This music works perfectly with images, video. You can always hear the voice because the music is very subtle. And for a scene with a drone (a drone makes a huge amount of noise, so you will always need additional music) it is ideal.

Or use this contrast trick: disable the set noise (= phonography sounds which are recorded at the scene),  such as the sounds of a car driving being filmed from within the car, and provide it with ambient music. The tranquil effect is an interesting contrast with the “noisy images.” And with the right voice over you are “jumping out of the scene” and get into the mind of that person talking.

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