What do you hear when you look?


Short clip from a branddoc:

A man in Wexford, Ireland, opens the gate of a piece of wasteland where he hasn’t been in more than 13 years. Once there was a plant where about 750 people worked, including himself. The company went bankrupt. Cameraman Mark Baker sends a drone with a Co Pro to the sky to emphasise this desolate feeling.

I have to compose music for these images. Images that I would describe as melancholic. The story later on gets a positive turn. So these are the things I have to take into account as well. It should not sound too dramatic, I need to keep it “light”.

I start playing a few notes on my guitar. It reinforces the nostalgic memories of the man. Then I add a very gentle synthesizer with a warm sound that completely coincides with the guitar part. A cloud of memories passes by. I believe the man, I believe these images.

Music helps you to watch better. By reinforcing the sense of the images. Music can keep the momentum of the story, breaking dullness and make transitions credible.

Music that adds something substantially to images is like a good marriage. Without that music watching these images is less of an interesting experience. Using the wrong music to picture is a deadly combination.

I hear music when I look. So you’re going to hear it too.

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