Four Tet on finding the music (video)

I dig the music of Kieran Hebden aka Four Tet. He blends electric, acoustic instruments and electronic instruments together so well that it makes you wonder what is what. Stuff that sounds like a performance might not be played live at all. And vice versa.

Music used to be nothing but a performance, but recording and editing it with full control changed all this. Many listeners can probably not imagine what they’re hearing. Maybe only when hearing a voice their minds clicks with an image of a person signing. But hearing beats, I guess nobody is imagining a drummer anymore. (sorry Ringo!)

I love the time we’re living in. Music is more abstract than ever before but still has that magical impact when touching our hearts. As touch at a distance.

So go watch that video now. Created out of an audio only interview with Kieran + many amazing animated stills.


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