Archive | November, 2015


Interview with Primal Audio about designing Rack Extensions for Reason

Primal Audio got my attention when they announced on Facebook that they were working on a Rack Extension (for Propellerhead Reason users) version of their popular iPad app: FM4. After that they came out with the PMS-20, a Korg-35 filters simulation, analogue style using dual high-pass/low-pass. And then a couple of weeks ago they gave us, Reason users, the brilliant Ladder […]

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The magic of melodic harmonies

When composing instrumental music for film or radio I often use melodic harmonies. Instead of accompanying a melody with chords, I use chords to play the melody. This way several layers of melodies can be heard at the same time which adds depth to the music. And as a listener you will discover the different melodic lines, layers which are played […]

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