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Picnic ’06, my photo’s

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Click on the photo’s for a larger version! Those 3 days at Picnic ’06 were super cool. Hard work for me since I was writing daily reports for De Nieuwe Reporter. One of the most amazing announcements during Picnic ’06 by Matt Locke of the BBC: the BBC no […]

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Picnic ’06; Cross media all over the place

Starting today I will attend the big international cross media event Picnic ’06 in Amsterdam. I will be reporting the event for De Nieuwe Reporter. My main focus are speakers like Brewster Kahle of, Dr. Michael B. Johnson of Pixar, John de Mol of Talpa and Régine Débatty of we-make-money-not-art as well as many […]

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RVU Radio 5

For Dutch RVU Radio 5 I have selected a list of 15 protestsongs. Each day, starting today, they will play 3 tracks. On Thursday they will be doing a short interview with me. How cool! A podcast-feed is also availble.

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A stripped XP, not Vista

Instead of making software more easy to use, most companies will only be adding new features because features are great selling factors. What used to be called an Operation System can now be called a Suite of Tools. It includes all sorts of image, audio and video editing tools. And for all of you doing […]

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