Archive | July, 2006

Adding more value with Creative Commons

While I was laying awake last night because of the heat here in the Netherlands I started thinking about something which kept me awake even a little longer. I was thinking about the Creative Commons licenses – the Non-Commercial attribute (see Noncommercial. You may not use this work for commercial purposes. Although I am […]

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5 simple tricks for creating beats with a feel

Switch on that click-track! It’s hard to keep the time without a click-track, so always make sure your beats are in sync with the song’s tempo. Start with a simple rhythm Playing drumbeats with a keyboard or a controller is not that easy, so keep it as simple as possible. Try to find something that […]

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Create Digital Music

The last couple of weeks I recieved a few interesting trackbacks from Create Digital Music: a webzine and community site for musicians using technology So there you go, a referrer: my way of saying thank you!

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Yesterday, I turned 38. It was a very hot day in The Netherlands. I had some work to do with a few colleagues. We have eaten some cake, drank some Rosé and had a great Libanese meal in ‘De Pijp’ in Amsterdam.

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