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My FabFilter Twin patches

For the great sounding FabFilter Twin plugin (VSTi) I have created 12 patches. These patches, including those of other great sound designers, are all included in the full package. The naming convention used for these patches: <patchname><space>MR.ffp

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Spam, damn!

My ISP contacted me that my mailform could be used for sending large amounts of spam to all sorts of clients. It was a plugin I was using, but it seems it wasn’t spam-safe ;( At the moment I have decided to disable the script on the contact page. If you have recieved e-mail(s) which […]

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Lessig on SA without NC

I just added an update to my post ‘That NC thing again’. And I felt that it is necessary to post it on the homepage as well so more readers will notice that update. “What’s it all about?”, you might ask. Well, Lawrence Lessig comments on some of the issues of the article of Intelligentdesigns […]

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Propellerhead Reason

Next version of Reason

Propellerhead Ernst talks about new versions of Reason on his blog. Yes, versions, so a few more updates can be expected for this lovely tool. I still find new sounds using Reason. For years I have been creating many sounds with the Subtractor, but the last 2 years my focus has shifted to the Malström […]

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