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Chilled Podcasted

Chilled, my track, which was used in February 2005 for ZED-tv in Canada, is used in a Podcast, episode #23, of Spacemusic. For all my music I use Creative Commons licenses and allow anything that’s for non-commercial purposes. So please Podcast the music of Melodiefabriek !

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Combi Manifesto 1

Combi Manifesto 1 is the first in a series of Reason 3 Combinator packages programmed by me. Combi Manifesto 1 is programmed using nothing but Subtractor, Malström, effect and routing devices. The whole package contains 22 unique high quality sounds for Reason 3, including 22 unique skins/backdrops. And yes, it is true; Combi Manifesto 1 […]

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Together with the great Polish composer Cezary Ostrowski, I will start an innovative Partnership under the name DiSfish. With DiSfish we will create new ways for musicians to register their Creative Commons licenses with their own songs, get them sold by fans and create interesting licensing possibilities for filmmakers. Simply said: a licensing agency and […]

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Herbie Hancock seems to like us

Today Herbie Hancock ordered the ReasonBanks PRO.TON2 Refill. This is a historical moment for me because I love Herbie’s music! That superb stuff he did with Miles in the 60’s, the Headhunters, Rockit… you name it! If you are a Propellerhead Reason 3 user, do check out our patches One Finger Herbie (Combinator) and HeyHerbie! […]

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Patching for Reason 3

For version 3 of the enormously successful software title of Propellerhead, Reason, my company Melodiefabriek was responsible for sound design (over 180 patches were created by us) and for providing content (samples/sample-loops). For this project we worked as a team with our partners of; Andras Haasz of PinkNoise Studio Inc. (Hungary) and Eric Corminier […]

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4-tracks for Heineken

For Heineken, I composed 4 tracks which are now used as ‘DJ-sets’ in the Heineken Experience 6 days a week from 10.00 – 18.00 hrs. This is part of a whole new special event of the Heineken Experience. In a sort of danceclub a DJ-set and VJ-set are created which are operated by the visitors […]

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PRO.TON 2 is ready!

The PRO.TON 2 is available at ReasonBanks now. This Refill contains, among other things, fat Moog samples which are expanding the sonic possibilities of musicsoftware Reason in a huge way. For PRO.TON 2, I composed the demosong ‘from Budapest to The Hague’.

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SpeedyJ interview and video

How did it all start? “In the mid 80’s I bought some turntables with a tape recorder, a Revox, which I still own. With these tools I started to made loops. At first I started doing live mixing, DJ battles in hiphop-style with Robin Albers, who had a competition (Dutch mixing championships). And other locals […]

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