Who owns culture?

I just read an excellent article at kottle.org about the current copyright madness. I mean; the music industry is probably the only industry where everything is protected by someone’s copyright. Fair use for example, does it still exist in the music industry? I don’t think so. Unless you are adopting Creative Commons, that is.

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MONO check for Reason

Most of you might think that listening to music in mono is old-fasioned and not interesting at all. Sure, stereo can achieve a better listening experience in most cases, but you won’t believe how many people are still using mono-systems everyday.(more…)

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Bob Moog passed away

Bob Moog passed away Aug 21, 2005 after stuggling with a brain tumor. Bob was one of the true innovators of music and an inspiration for many musicians. Update; I found this Moog-source on the site of the New York Times

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Power Tools for Reason 3

Kurt Kurasaki a.k.a. Peff is writing an updated version (version 3) of his Power Tools for Reason book (now available at Amazon). For the book I created an updated version of my song Grrrroove using some of the new mastering effects, a cool Rhodes-patch from Electro Mechanical 2 Refill … and I created a Funky […]

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Chilled Podcasted

Chilled, my track, which was used in February 2005 for ZED-tv in Canada, is used in a Podcast, episode #23, of Spacemusic. For all my music I use Creative Commons licenses and allow anything that’s for non-commercial purposes. So please Podcast the music of Melodiefabriek !

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Combi Manifesto 1

Combi Manifesto 1 is the first in a series of Reason 3 Combinator packages programmed by me. Combi Manifesto 1 is programmed using nothing but Subtractor, Malström, effect and routing devices. The whole package contains 22 unique high quality sounds for Reason 3, including 22 unique skins/backdrops. And yes, it is true; Combi Manifesto 1 […]

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Together with the great Polish composer Cezary Ostrowski, I will start an innovative Partnership under the name DiSfish. With DiSfish we will create new ways for musicians to register their Creative Commons licenses with their own songs, get them sold by fans and create interesting licensing possibilities for filmmakers. Simply said: a licensing agency and […]

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