SHORT [short film] viewing (with my sound design and mixing)


Yesterday the short film Short had its first viewing in Amsterdam. I was responsible for the sound design and mixing. Short was written, directed and produced by Naima Challioui. It will be screened at film festivals soon.

I mixed it within Ableton Live. Live is perfect for this because:

  • Live is the best DAW for audio editing
  • The Max 4 Live Convolution reverb was very much capable to create this street scene ambiance depth I needed for a couple of scenes
  • Thanks to Live’s video export function I could fileshare my work with Naima in the most easy way

What I also did was create some foley sounds (Wikipedia link). I produced some crackle sounds (chairs moving, all sorts of hand noises etc), a coffee machine (which I created using a coffee machines, a magnetron and a synthesizer), a few cars-driving-by ambience tracks, the people-talking-in-next-room kind of sound and some other small things to spicy things up.

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