Reason 9.5 chooses the discrete graphics card on Mac

A while ago I wrote this blogpost: Audio glitches in Reason (OSX) and what Propellerhead can do to fix it (easy!). When testing Reason 9.5 BETA of a few months ago I noticed that Reason now uses the discrete graphics card of my MacBook Pro Retina instead of the bad performing integrated card.

I thanked the Props for this by email (did they read my blog?) but the answer I got I was not expecting:

We actually haven’t changed anything regarding this issue. Maybe there is a pattern to when Reason chooses the different cards?

So how can an issue like this be fixed without the Props actually fixing it? Well… I believe the reason (!) Reason 9.5 now chooses the discrete graphics card over the integrated card is because of the support for VST plugins in Reason 9.5. VST demands your computer/laptop to be using the discrete graphics card if available.

As soon as you start Reason 9.5 on your Mac it will switch to the discrete graphics card instead of the integrated one if your Mac has one.

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