Flow: a few ticks off the grid

tool-window-8-ticksHere’s a very easy trick to add some feel/groove to a quantised part in Reason: add a few ticks of Random using the Tool Window. Ableton Live is of course able to do this as well (check the section below the audio examples). 8 ticks is fine for randomising the timing just a little bit.

Check out the examples below. I used 2 tracks, track A and B, an octave apart:

  • Track 1 : both tracks quantised at 100%.
  • Track 2 : track A with 8 Random ticks, B quantised at 100%.
  • Track 3 : track A quantised at 100%, B with 8 Random ticks.
  • Track 4 : both tracks with 8 Random ticks.

Using Random in Groove Pool of Ableton Live

The Groove Pool of Ableton Live has a Random parameter for setting the amount of randomness. This Random parameter will adjust the notes of the Clip live, although you can commit the timing by pressing the Commit button of the Clip.


Flow ~ undull repetitions

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  1. Benedict Roff-Marsh June 2, 2015 at 12:36 am #

    This is a good tip and a nice example (better than drums). I often use the same feature on everything (except drums). You just have to be sure to shorten note lengths by at least as many ticks or notes will go missing (when it is the same note repeated).


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