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TUBE saturation via The Echo [video]

The Echo is one of my favourite effect devices in Reason. Both the OVDR (overdrive) and TUBE settings are super useful for adding some analog grit to your sound. The TUBE setting creates a nice and strong EVEN 1st harmonic even when the Drive is at 0. Check out my video below. You can see how I […]

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Rockmen AMP FB-v2

Rockmen ReFill is now available!

Rockmen is a ReFill for Propellerhead Reason users which consists of 9 guitar amp simulation presets + 71 additional presets for modulation, saturation, delay effects and so on. The main ingredient of the Rockmen ReFill is a custom build AMP Combinator.

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Interview with Niall McCallum of ModeAudio

Hi Niall! Please give me some background information about yourself and how you came to be the co-founder of ModeAudio. Firstly, it’s a pleasure to speak to you – I’m a big fan of Melodiefabriek, particularly your excellent blog pieces that roam beyond the confines of digital music production into jazz theory and beyond! My […]

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