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No mixer needed: USB mics

I love USB. The Line6 Guitarport for example gives me joy: I simply connect it to my laptop, plug a guitar in and I can start playing and recording. Lately also some microphones are using USB interfaces which is extremely cool: no need to use a mixer, a compressor and phantom-power. The Røde Podcaster mic […]

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Creative Commons Netherlands release their first CD+DVD

Today Creative Commons Netherlands has released their first CD+DVD. My song Cuckoo (with vocals of Lisa DeBenedictis) is included on the CD and the videoclip created by Irene Kress (see also: Cirocco) is included on the DVD. I also did the mastering of all 13 songs. These songs and video’s are available as downloads at […]

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Happy 2007!

I wish you all the best for 2007! My soulful company Melodiefabriek is heading for it’s fourth anniversary this year. Happy2007 – using my ‘The Alan Smithee One Note Orchester’ patch (Reason 3 Factory SoundBank)

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