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If you have the balls: donate

My buddy John McCaig, aka jdg, has testicular cancer. John is one of the most interesting composers of the last few years. And John is a sound guru too; his stuff sounds mindblowing. He’s also a hell of a mastering engineer. Without doubt he’s one of the most important faces behind the electronic website I […]

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Online collaborations for audio & video

Because of the Internet your location is no longer important, it’s all about the quality of your work that counts. Online collaboration is becoming so much easier lately, because we can call and chat at the same time using Skype or Google Talk. I can route the output signal of my music software, Reason for […]

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A small tip: using a compressor as EQ

Audio level compression, also called dynamic range compression, volume compression, compression, limiting, or DRC (often seen in DVD player settings) is a process that manipulates the dynamic range of an audio signal. Compression is used during sound recording, live sound reinforcement, and broadcasting to improve the perceived volume of audio. A compressor is the device […]

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Citizen journalism at the World Audio Festival 2006

For De Nieuwe Reporter I have written a day impression of the World Audio Festival 2006 (Dutch). It took place at the new Institute for Image and Sound (Dutch: Beeld en Geluid) in Hilversum, the Netherlands on the 9th of November. It was an interesting day at an interesting location. But please let me add […]

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Wereld Audio Festival 2006 & Computer!Totaal

This Thursday I will attend the ‘Wereld Audio Festival 2006‘ (World Audio Festival 2006) in Hilversum, the Netherlands. I will write an impression of the day for De Nieuwe Reporter. That day Computer!Totaal, a Dutch computer-magazine, will do an interview with me about Creative Commons. The interview will be published on a DVD for all […]

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