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Hear me play

A few weeks ago I did a performance for an art exhibition called Samen Meer in Den Bosch, the Netherlands. Together with singer Remco Hogendoorn who also sang on a few albums for John McCaig’s band Fell. video 1 (poem by Daniëlle Gloudemans) video 2 (poem by Karin Haanstra-Visser) So the lyrics were already written… […]

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What if Apple starts building phones?

I was reading this. An interesting read, but I couldn’t stop thinking: what if Apple starts building phones? Apple is able to build a simple user interface in a modern stylish package. So maybe they are able to build a great mobile phone. Who knows? Anyways, I think this is spot on: The iPod/iTunes system […]

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Jackie McLean died

Sure, most people are familiair with Charlie Parker, which is without doubt one of the most important musicians of the last century. But Jackie was a fantastic alto saxophone player too. A mighty fine one, Miles for example truly loved Jackie. Jackie died last Friday at 73. link

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